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اراضي للبيع في تركيا اراضي زراعية في تركيا قناة اسطنبول اراضي سعر المتر تارلاند tarlan inv

TARLAND company
For lands in Turkey

The price per square meter starts from $5

We offer our clients around the world the best options for land in Turkey

By contacting you via WhatsApp, you can view our daily offers

Free consultations about land in Turkey

Our experts help you get the best offers and prices for lands in all Turkish states

Support and advice in choosing the type of land

Legal, technical and investment assistance in the process of choosing land in Turkey and working to uncover problems and defects

Assistance in choosing the location of the land in Turkey

The location of the land is one of the most important points that increase its investment value in the future

Real estate
Trusted in Turkey

من نحن؟

Work steps?

Easy and simple steps with reliable real estate and legal advisors, the work is done easily

كيف نعمل؟

1- Contact us

Communicate with one of our consultants in the company, and learn about our services and available offers

2- Determine the request

After the first meeting in person or over the phone, we have to accurately select the request from among the many options

3- Evaluate the offers

After submitting the appropriate offers for your request, we evaluate the most appropriate offer to start the practical steps

4- Take a tour

After selecting and filtering the offers presented, we set dates with the land owners to visit them on the ground

5- Last check

When selecting the required land, our legal team checks all the land papers

6- Transfer of ownership

Setting an appointment in the title deed department, and carrying out the procedures for transferring ownership after preparing the necessary papers for the process

Request your land in Turkey now

We will contact you as soon as possible

Thank you, we are waiting for you

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