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Land for sale in Sakarya

Sakarya is one of the states of Turkey and the twenty-second most populous city. According to the population census data at the end of 2020, the county has a population of 1,042,649, with 16 regions and municipalities, and a total of 668 villages and neighborhoods in these municipalities. It overlooks the Black Sea in the north, in the west it is bordered by the state of Kocaeli (Izmit), in the south by Balak Asir, and in the east by Düzce. Among the most famous regions are (Sapanca-Geva-Karasu-Ada Pazari). The agricultural lands in the state of Sakarya are characterized by abundance in production and diversity in fruits, where the Sakarya River, abundance of water and suitable weather most days of the year. We offer you the best land for sale in Sakarya. 

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