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10 important tips before buying land in Canal Istanbul

Investing in the lands of the Istanbul Canal is one of the profitable opportunities for many investors interested in the field of lands in Turkey, where there are many promising investment opportunities.

The Istanbul Canal has been and still is a subject of discussion for many societal groups, including politicians, environmentalists, investors, real estate agents, and Istanbul residents as well. We will mention here some important points that every investor in the lands of the Istanbul Canal must make sure of before the purchase process.

The lands in the Istanbul Canal project are divided into two main parts, the first part consists of unorganized lands (not included in the ministerial planning) and the other part, which is our topic for today, the lands located within the planning of the new city yeni şehir projesi of the lands surrounding the Istanbul Canal.

Important points that you must make sure of before buying in Kanal Istanbul lands:

  1. Ensure that the land is located within the new city plan and not only in the Arnavutköy area.

  2. Ensure the distribution of land, after converting from agricultural to architectural planning, has it been divided into one or more plots?

  3. Knowing the building percentage and the number of floors that are allowed to be built in the land.

  4. Calculating the distance between the land and the Istanbul Canal and the distance between it and other features such as the canal bridges, Basaksehir Center, the logistics area and the new Istanbul Airport.

  5. Reviewing the percentage of government deduction from the land after transferring it to the new canal plan. Usually, the deduction is equivalent to 45% of all the canal land.

  6. Cooperate with a trusted and experienced real estate consultant in the Canal Zone, and ensure all permits qualifying to practice the real estate consulting profession before starting.

  7. Obtaining an appropriate evaluation in the event that the goal of buying land in the Istanbul Canal is to obtain Turkish citizenship, as the evaluation of the real estate to be purchased must exceed 400 thousand US dollars through the evaluation of the approved real estate expert.

  8. Knowing whether the land is sorted (residential-commercial-tourist) is of great importance to the type of investment required.

  9. Verify the total area of the plot and the equivalent of the desired share of the entire land.

  10. Determine the period required to benefit from the land by reselling it, waiting for building permits to start construction work, or handing it over to a construction company and obtaining a percentage of the ready-made real estate built on it.

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