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Agricultural Investment in Turkey: Ready Farms for Sale in Turkey 2024 - Discover the Best Crops Suitable for Cultivation in Turkey


Turkey is experiencing significant growth in agricultural investment due to its climatic diversity, abundant natural resources, and supportive government policies. Agricultural investment is considered one of the most promising sectors attracting both local and foreign investors, especially with the availability of ready farms equipped with necessary infrastructure. In this article, we will explore the available opportunities in agricultural investment in Turkey, focusing on walnut, olive, and hazelnut cultivation, and highlighting the provinces of Kocaeli, Sakarya, and Bursa.

أفضل عروض مزارع الجوز في سكاريا
الجوز المنتج في تركيا من أجود الأنواع عالمياً

Why Agricultural Investment in Turkey?

  1. Climate Diversity and Fertile Soil: Turkey boasts diverse climates suitable for various agricultural crops, along with vast fertile agricultural lands. This diversity allows investors the opportunity to cultivate a wide range of crops and achieve high productivity.

  2. Government Support: The Turkish government provides significant support to the agricultural sector through offering low-interest loans, financial subsidies, and training programs for farmers. These policies help improve production efficiency and increase yields.

  3. Large Domestic and International Market: Turkey has a vast domestic market for agricultural products, in addition to being one of the largest exporters of many agricultural products to European and Asian markets. This makes agricultural investment an attractive option for generating substantial returns.

Promising Crop Types

Walnut Cultivation in Turkey

Walnut cultivation is one of the most profitable agricultural activities in Turkey. Walnut trees are known for their adaptability to various climatic conditions and soils, in addition to their long productive lifespan. Northern regions like Kocaeli and Sakarya offer ideal environments for walnut cultivation due to their moderate climate and nutrient-rich soil.

Production Statistics

Turkey is one of the largest walnut producers globally, with an annual production exceeding 250,000 tons.

The most common varieties in Turkey are "Chandler" and "Ferrara," known for their high quality and rich flavor.

Cultivation Regions

  • Kocaeli: Areas like Karamürsel and İzmit are ideal for walnut cultivation due to their rich soil and suitable climate.

  • Sakarya: Regions like Hendek and Sapanca are known for producing large quantities of walnuts.

  • Bursa: Areas like İnegöl and Gemlik are also renowned for walnut cultivation.

Olive Cultivation in Turkey

أفضل عروض مزارع الزيتون للبيع في تركيا بورصة
مزارع زيتون للبيع في تركيا بورصة

Olive is one of the essential agricultural crops in Turkey, primarily cultivated in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Bursa and Kocaeli provinces are ideal for olive cultivation, characterized by fertile soil and a moderate climate. Olives are used to produce olive oil, which enjoys an excellent reputation in global markets.

Production Statistics

Turkey ranks fourth globally in olive production, with an annual production exceeding 2 million tons.

The most popular varieties include "Gemlik" olives, known for their strong flavor and high quality.

Cultivation Regions

  • Bursa: Areas like Gemlik and Orhangazi are known for producing high-quality olives.

  • Kocaeli: Areas like Karamürsel provide an ideal environment for olive cultivation.

Hazelnut Cultivation in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest hazelnut producers globally, with cultivation primarily concentrated in the Black Sea region. Sakarya and Kocaeli offer suitable environments for hazelnut cultivation due to abundant rainfall and fertile soil. Hazelnuts are used in confectionery and chocolate production, making them economically valuable.

Production Statistics

Turkey produces approximately 70% of the world's hazelnut production, exceeding 700,000 tons annually.

Popular varieties include "Tombul" and "Akçakoca," known for their high quality and versatile uses in the food industry.

Cultivation Regions

  • Sakarya: Areas like Karasu and Adapazarı are ideal for hazelnut cultivation.

  • Kocaeli: Areas like Kandıra and Gebze also provide an ideal environment for hazelnut cultivation.

Ready Farms for Sale in Turkey

There are many ready farms available for sale in Turkey, equipped with necessary infrastructure such as irrigation systems, warehouses, and agricultural equipment. These farms offer an excellent opportunity for investors seeking ready-made investments to achieve quick returns.

Tarland Company Services in Preparing Ready Farms for Sale in Turkey

  1. Project Consultation and Planning: Tarland Company offers comprehensive consultations for investors regarding the best agricultural locations and suitable crops. Our team of experts provides detailed feasibility studies, including soil and climate analysis, to ensure the best investment results.

  2. Infrastructure Preparation: We provide and develop the necessary infrastructure for farms, including:

  • Modern irrigation systems: We offer the latest drip irrigation and pivot irrigation technologies to ensure efficient water use and increased productivity.

  • Warehouses and facilities: Equipping farms with cold storage facilities and crop processing facilities helps maintain product quality and improve yields.

  • Agricultural equipment: We offer a wide range of modern agricultural equipment, such as tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural machinery, to ensure ease and efficiency of farming operations.

  1. Technical Support: We provide continuous technical support to farmers through:

  • Training programs: Organizing training courses for farmers on best agricultural practices, equipment usage, and irrigation techniques.

  • Ongoing agricultural consultations: Providing regular consultations by specialized agricultural engineers to ensure efficient farm management and achieve the best results.

خدمة تجهيز المزراع بشكل كامل من الصفر حتى تسويق الإنتاج
خدمة تجهيز المزراع بشكل كامل من الصفر حتى تسويق الإنتاج

Legal and Administrative Support: We assist investors in all legal and administrative procedures related to purchasing and managing farms, including:

  • Land registration: Ensuring legal land registration and obtaining all necessary permits.

  • Contracts and procedures: Drafting and reviewing contracts to protect investors' rights and ensure compliance with all agreed-upon terms.

  1. Marketing and Distribution: We support farmers in marketing their products through:

  • Distribution networks: Providing local and international distribution networks to ensure product access to suitable markets at the best prices.

  • Branding and marketing: Assisting in developing a brand and effectively marketing products in targeted markets.

Invitation to Invest with Tarland Company

Tarland Company: Your Trusted Partner in Agricultural Investment

We at Tarland Company are pleased to invite investors to explore promising agricultural investment opportunities in Turkey. With our extensive experience in the Turkish market and our commitment to providing the best services, we are confident that we will be your ideal partner in achieving a successful and profitable investment.

Why Choose Investment with Tarland Company?

  1. Local and International Experience: We have a team of experts in agriculture and real estate investment with deep knowledge of the Turkish market.

  2. Wide Range of Farms: We offer ready farms for sale in regions like Kocaeli, Sakarya, and Bursa, equipped with the latest agricultural technologies.

  3. Comprehensive Legal Support: We ensure transparent and secure legal procedures when purchasing farms.

  4. Customized Services: We provide free consultations and field tours for available farms.

How to Get Started?

Feel free to contact us today to begin your agricultural investment journey in Turkey. The Tarland team is ready to answer all your inquiries and provide the assistance you need to make the right decision. Visit our website or contact us directly to schedule a free consultation.

+90 543 355 37 24

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