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Farms for Sale in Turkey: How to Buy a Farm in Turkey? A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

Turkey is one of the world's leading investment destinations, thanks to its favorable climate and fertile soil, making it an ideal place for agricultural investment. Many investors are looking for farms for sale in Turkey to take advantage of the investment opportunities available in this thriving sector. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of buying farms in Turkey, their prices, the laws related to foreign ownership of agricultural land, and the services offered by our company "Tarla Land" in farm preparation and management.

We offer you the best farms for sale in Turkey.
We offer you the best farms for sale in Turkey.

Advantages of Buying Farms in Turkey

Favorable Climate and Fertile Soil: Turkey boasts a diverse climate that can support a wide range of agricultural crops, such as walnuts, olives, and hazelnuts.

Government Support: The Turkish government offers significant facilitation and support to investors in the agricultural sector, including tax exemptions and financial aid.

Wide Domestic and International Market: Investors can export their agricultural products to global markets in addition to meeting the growing local demand for organic and fresh products.

What are the Prices of Farms in Turkey?

The prices of farms in Turkey vary based on location, land size, soil type, and the availability of water resources. Here are the average farm prices in some prominent areas:

  • Istanbul: The price per square meter of agricultural land ranges between $50 to $100 USD.

  • Yalova: Prices can range between $10 to $20 USD per square meter.

  • Sakarya: Prices range between $7 to $25 USD per square meter.

  • Kocaeli: The price per square meter ranges between $8 to $35 USD.

Laws on Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land

Foreigners are allowed to own agricultural land in Turkey, but there are certain conditions to be considered:

  • Ownership Limits: Foreigners can own up to 30 hectares of agricultural land in Turkey.

  • Permits: Purchasing agricultural land requires permits from local authorities, such as the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Actual Use: The land must be used for the authorized agricultural purposes and its use cannot be changed without approval from the relevant authorities.

Our Services in Farm Preparation and Management

Our company, "Tarla Land," offers a comprehensive range of services to support investors in the agricultural sector:

  • Identifying Suitable Land: We assist investors in finding the perfect land for their agricultural needs based on thorough analysis of the soil and location.

  • Obtaining Permits: We provide support in gathering and submitting the necessary documents to obtain government permits.

  • Farm Preparation: We offer services to equip farms with necessary infrastructure such as irrigation systems, agricultural machinery, and essential facilities.

  • Farm Management: We provide farm management services, including land maintenance, crop planting, labor management, and product marketing.

  • Agricultural Consulting: We provide our clients with the necessary agricultural consultations to increase productivity and achieve the best returns on investment.


Turkey is an ideal destination for farm investment due to its favorable climate, government support, and availability of fertile agricultural land. Through "Tarla Land's" services, investors can maximize the benefits of their agricultural investments and ensure the success of their projects. Feel free to contact us to learn more about farms for sale in Turkey and receive the necessary support to start your successful agricultural investment.


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